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Coaching Programs

Why Performance Cycle Coaching?

Coaching is our full-time profession. This is our livelihood and as such we can offer you that care and attention you truly deserve. All of our programs are individual to only that rider. We don’t do “off the shelf” programs. We realize every athlete we work with is an individual and what works for someone else might not work for you. We will take into account your currently level of fitness, time available to train, equipment and training environment available to you, time and energy restraints like work and family commitments and then create a program that is both challenging but achievable.

All too often we see riders trying to copy what the pros do, yet without the time to train or more importantly the time to recover needed for such high volume programs, often leading to a burnt out and disillusioned rider. This is where our expert knowledge will guide you in to just what is possible for you and how hard you can train without over doing it. We also believe it’s vital that you enjoy what you are doing. We are very happy to fit in particular work outs/rides you enjoy. A happy athlete progresses much faster than an unhappy one.

Services Include:

    • Personalized and highly individual daily training program designed around your specific goals as agreed with coach. We don’t do “off the shelf programs”
    • Weekly written feedback by coach.
    • Training set 3-4 weeks in advance to fit around your availability, work-college schedule and race commitments.
    • Up to an unlimited number of email and text athlete contact.
    • Access to two 2-3 hour coached training sessions per month, either road/gym/track.
    • Weekly power file analysis.
    • Video feedback of two races/training sessions a month (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).
    • Access to weekly coached sessions, either road/gym/track and monthly SRM bike fitness-form assessment test.
    • Up to an unlimited number of athlete led phone calls a week.
    • Daily power file analysis.
    • Unlimited video feedback of races/training sessions (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).

Please read our Expectations & Contract page to see just what we guarantee you as a client of Performance Cycle Coaching and what we need from you in return to make the best of the athlete-coach relationship between us. Also check out our individual coaching sessions, race day support, sports psychology  and strength and conditioning pages. We have the coaching services you need to maximize your potential.

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