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USA National Masters Track Championships, Rock Hill, SC 2017

USA National Masters Track Championships 2017


Wow what a week!

Delighted for my athletes and teammates to defend their “Best All-around Team” award, well done to the Hammer Racing Team and East Point Track Club for pushing us so close. A well-deserved result after the hard work they have all put in to get here in the best shape possible. Coach John Cheetham and I are very proud of you all.

In a week with so many highlights it’s hard to pick out just one performance, but in this case there was one particular stellar moment, John K. Fitzgerald winning his first individual national title, at the track where 2 years prior he had a big accident that left him badly injured and with a long hospital stay. It has been a really long road back for him and I know everyone was excited to see him achieve such a great result.

As always there were disappointments too, close loses in the TS for the defending men’s teams, and for Coach Povey and Brian Moore in the sprints. On those days you have to doff your cap and say well done to the great athletes that beat you. Every year the standard seems to rise, with times just getting faster and faster!

A massive thanks to all our competitors and rivals for bringing you’re “A” games and making each result so worthy and hard fought for.

And to the amazing officials, organizers and volunteers, who work such incredibly long hours in the sweltering heat just so us old farts can go play! The amount of prep they have to do before and after we race each day make it a true act of dedication, from myself, Coach John and the team we really appreciate all you do for us.

Also a special thanks to Coach John Cheetham for coming out and doing such a great job of the race day coaching.

Full podium results for our athletes were

Brian Moore
Gold M55-59 500m TT
Silver M55-59 Sprint (cracking final between him and eventual winner in 3 rides Marvin Hall)
Silver M55-64 TS

Bernard Cobb
Gold M40-44 Kilo
Bronze M40-44 Sprint
4th M35-44 TS

Beverly Chaney
Bronze W50-54 2k
4th W50-54 500m TT
5th W45-54 TS

Chris Gaitos
Silver M35-39 Kilo
Silver M35-39 Sprint
Silver M35-44 TS

Daryl Hemenway
Silver M45-49 Points
Bronze M45-49 Scratch
Silver M45-54 TP

Elaine Hutchinson
Gold W35-39 500m TT
Silver W35-39 Sprint
Silver W35-44 TS

George F Miranda
Bronze M55-59 500m TT
Bronze M55-59 Sprint
Silver M55-64 TS

Jason Macom
Bronze M35-39 Kilo

John Bott
4th M35-44 TS

John K. Fitzgerald
Gold M65-69 500m TT
Gold M65+ TS

Kenneth Lo
Silver M35-44 TS

Kira Maximovich
Gold W45-49 Sprint
Silver W45-49 500m TT
4th W45-49 Scratch

Kurt Bickel
Bronze M55-59 Points
5th M55-59 2k
Silver M55-64 TP
4th M55-64 TS

MaryBeth Pierantoni
Bronze W50-54 Sprint
5th W45-54 TS

Olga Weeks
4th W45-49 Sprint
4th W35-44 TS

Trish Albert
4th W40-44 2K
4th W40-44 sprint
4th W40-44 500m TT
4th W35-44 TS

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