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Update from coach Helen Scott


I’ve been part of the excellent team at here at Performance Cycle Coaching for a few months now, and it has been a super experience so far.

It is extremely rewarding being able to pass on my knowledge and experience as an athlete and to see it directly influencing my riders in a positive way. I am excited to gain more and more athletes with PCC to work with. I so enjoy the coaching side of my sport.

So far I am coaching a variety of people, all with different goals and performance levels, and I’ve noticed massive improvements already from each of my riders in their chosen discipline.

My newest rider who is in their first season of racing achieved a 3rd place result on a stage of their first ever stage race! A fantastic result that happened through their hard work and determination of sticking to the program we devised. I am excited to see what the future holds for this athlete, and for all of my other ever improving cyclists.

Not all of my riders have racing aspirations. I have some clients who have goals to simply get fitter and faster, and it’s fantastic to work with these people and try different things to keep them improving day to day.

As we approach the spring and summer season I am eager to see the training pay off for my riders in their upcoming racesand I look forward to reviewing their progress ready for our next challenges together.

Helen Scott UK coach

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