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A few thoughts and pictures from the USA Cycling Coaching Summit

Hi All,

back  for a week from Colorado Springs where Coach Lee Povey had   USAC Track Committee meetings for four days, then Coach John Cheetham joined him for the Juniors Summit and Coaching Summit through the next weekend. We wanted to share a few impressions we had and a couple interesting slides we saw. 

We find that most of the value at these things is in the conversations and connections  with the gathering of fantastic coaches from across the country  at meals and events, but we did catch some fantastic presentations and Coach Povey was invited to be on the juniors panel closing out Day 1. 

In particular the presentations on Mental Preparation For Cyclists by Eric Yelsa , and  The Sweet Spot: Understanding the Difference Between Disordered Eating For Performance And Eating Disorders by Kate Bennett will stay with us in our work with riders keeping them healthy both in mind and body, goal setting, and event preparation. 

On more of the hard science side the presentation on left right power balance via various power meters  by Hunter Allen was a real world primer on how to pull out performance gains using WKO4. We’ve all seen the ANT+ channels showing the balance, but what does it mean and how can we use it to improve performance?

The last day featured a great presentation by Andy Sparks on the Women’s Olympic Team Pursuit ( there’s an excellent  slide of some of the energy demands of the event below) and a surprisingly good panel of Olympic and World Champion medalists and their coaches featuring deeper thought than perhaps expected  and a lack of canned answers which was highly appreciated.

A quick note on juniors racing, the photo on the top left is of a couple folks in Durango that started and administer a 1000 kid program! The kids start on pushbikes at 2 years old and transition into high school and collegiate riders!

We are excited to be returning to Colorado Springs next week for the Masters Track  Nationals make up event.  We checked out the track, did some training at the Olympic Training Center and on local trails. We are happy to announce the dome construction is in good shape/ahead of schedule  and the track is FAST. We hope to see you there! 20161103_123758 20161105_105052 20161105_152803 20161106_092102

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