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Strength and Conditioning

Here at Performance Cycle Coaching we take Strength and Conditioning training very seriously. We have first hand experience of just how much it can improve an athlete’s performance if done correctly and if the program is suitable to the discipline the athlete completes in.

We have years of both using weights in our own programs and working with athletes of all ages and disciplines, we have also both been lucky enough to work with the world class coaches of the English Institute of Sport and have been exposed to the very latest thinking on strength training right at cutting edge of elite sports.

We tailor all our S & C programs for each individual. Giving you exactly what you need to work on your weaknesses and to improve your strengths. We are very strict on lifting form. We always tailor our programs to make sure the exercises and loads being used are beneficial for the specific event/s you are competing in.

Lots of coaches and riders make the mistake in thinking bigger means faster/stronger, so use outdated body building programs. Our programs are designed to make the most of your bodies neural adaptations, keeping you light but very strong. For example Olympic sprint champion Jason Kenny is less than 80kg (175lbs) and yet can generate approx 2400 watts. To do this we use a mix of free weight exercises including Olympic lifts, plyometrics and speed drills.

Not only can S & C training improve your performance, it has also been shown to reduce injuries and speed up recovery times while generally improving overall health, especially in masters athletes.

PCC Strength and Conditioning programs (minimum of 3 months)
Athlete and sport specific, highly individualized and in depth Strength and Conditioning program written just for you.

PCC Strength and Conditioning Individual or Group coached workouts
Get your technique checked or learn new techniques with expert coaches. We will use video feedback so you can see exactly what you are doing and how to improve. This is a great way to start your resistance training with the right skills to avoid injury and maximize the benefits.

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