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Road Cycling

Most endurance coaches concentrate on numbers, heart rate zones, power outputs, FTP, base miles ridden etc. This allows them to create fit athletes with great endurance yet these athletes rarely win.

At Performance Cycle Coaching we focus on coaching our athletes to win, of course we recognise the value of heart rate monitors and especially power meters which can be excellent training tools, however the rider who has the best figures in testing doesn’t always win (Mark Cavendish famously nearly didn’t make the GB squad at under 23 level because he failed the lab tests, luckily the coaches realised just what a special finisher he was!).

We use sound tactical advice, skills workouts and training aimed at working on speed as well as your endurance so you can close that gap when needed, have the acceleration to break away and be able to drive a break hard enough to stay away. We also believe its important riders know their own ability and can train on “feel” so that when racing they know just how hard they can push before they will be in trouble.

We are also big believers on endurance riders adding sprint workouts to their training all year round, our research shows us that approx 95% of all road races end in some sort of sprint, be that against what’s left of the bunch or just a couple of riders in a break. the rider that wins is the one who has trained their sprint and has the skill and tactical knowledge to use it.

Our training methods keep an element of that speed training all year round, while of course we recognise the need for some serious miles we believe quality training is the key, too many riders believe they must do some “magic” number of winter base miles at a slow pace then are surprised when they get dropped in the seasons 1st race…We will tailor your training around your work/school/family commitments to get you the most from the training time you have available.

We will also look at your position to maximize both power output and also aerodynamics , an area endurance athletes often neglect. There are massive gains to be made from small positional and equipment adjustments that can add up to serious time and power saving over an 80 mile road race.

Check our services below and contact us today to take your training to a whole new level.

Services Include:

  • Personalized and highly individual daily training program designed around your specific goals as agreed with coach. We don’t do “off the shelf programs”
  • Weekly written feedback by coach.
  • Training set 3-4 weeks in advance to fit around your availability, work-college schedule and race commitments.
  • Up to an unlimited number of email and text athlete contact.
  • Access to two 2-3 hour coached training sessions per month, either road/gym/track.
  • Weekly power file analysis.
  • Video feedback of two races/training sessions a month (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).
  • Access to weekly coached sessions, either road/gym/track and monthly SRM bike fitness-form assessment test.
  • Up to an unlimited number of athlete led phone calls a week.
  • Daily power file analysis.
  • Unlimited video feedback of races/training sessions (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).
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