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Race Day Support

Race Day Support

Ever wondered what it’s like for Sir Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton when they are at a big race meeting? Well now you can find out with Performance Cycle Coaching’s race day support.

We will give you the tactical, emotional, technical and psychological support to feel like a champion and be able to race to the best of your ability. We can guide you through suitable warm ups, what gearing and equipment to use, advise you on the best tactics against different riders and make sure you are always ready for your races throughout the day, physically and mentally prepared to go at the right time.

We have coached and ridden right up to World Championship level so we understand just what you are going through on the big day and instinctively know just what to say and do when you need it most. Having worked with a wide range of riders we can easily adapt to your particular needs. We believe a great coach adapts to get the best from his riders, not making them adapt to fit in with his “style”.

Please also check out our 1 to 1 coaching sessions, expert bike fit and strength and conditioning pages. We have the coaching services you need to maximize your potential.

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