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One of the most critical performance factors in cycling is body composition and the all important power/ weight ratio . While it’s simple to say “ just lose weight” or “ stop eating junk”, for many people there are genetic, psychological, and hormonal limiters. This often creates an unhealthy self image and fluctuating weight loss and gain. We are here to help you sort these issues out and become the best athlete your genes allow.

We have proven success in getting results with clients looking to improve their overall nutrition, energy levels, body composition, and mental sharpness. We use a habit – changing based approach that results in LONG TERM improvements taking into account personal tastes, dietary choices such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, food sensitivities, workout schedules and overall caloric demands changing due to life events or training load.

We prefer a mix of nutritional science with diet logging and macro/ micro nutrient evaluation, changing one habit at a time, and personal coaching and attention to sort out specific issues.

Our clients range from casual athletes looking to have more energy to run with their kids or do a local 5k/ century ride- to world champions optimizing every advantage possible in the runup to important competitions. We offer both stand – alone nutritional coaching and a holistic approach combining both training, nutritional, and personal coaching.

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