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Cyclo-Cross is a demanding sport of riding at threshold for an hour of intense competition. But how do you break down what is required to be a great Cross rider? How do you structure your training in phases and then bring it all together to perform at your best on the day?

At Performance Cycle Coaching we have experience both competing and coaching in many different disciplines. This means that we are able to use our own physiological knowledge and analytical thinking to create an apporoach that is unbiased and unaffected by trends and how “a guy at my club” trains. By doing this, it allows us to break down what the key components of being a cyclo-cross rider are and then plan a training program that will tick all of these boxes.

Too often riders replicate their racing in every training session, hours upon hours of on the limit riding, with no real focus or session goals. A structured periodised program from us will not leave you feeling flat on race day, but give you that pinging feeling when you realise you are reaping the rewards of training hard when you needed to and resting hard when you needed to recover and adapt.

Individual sessions are also available to target discipline specific cyclo-cross skills such as dismounting, mounting, running with the bike, descending, cornering to name a few.

Services Include:

  • Personalized and highly individual daily training program designed around your specific goals as agreed with coach. We don’t do “off the shelf programs”
  • Weekly written feedback by coach.
  • Training set 3-4 weeks in advance to fit around your availability, work-college schedule and race commitments.
  • Up to an unlimited number of email and text athlete contact.
  • Access to two 2-3 hour coached training sessions per month, either road/gym/track.
  • Weekly power file analysis.
  • Video feedback of two races/training sessions a month (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).
  • Access to weekly coached sessions, either road/gym/track and monthly SRM bike fitness-form assessment test.
  • Up to an unlimited number of athlete led phone calls a week.
  • Daily power file analysis.
  • Unlimited video feedback of races/training sessions (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).
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