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Rock Hill Sprint Clinic 23-24th April 2016


Performance Cycle Coaching and TotalCyclist sprint tactics and start technique-time trial clinic

Giordana Velodrome 23-24 April 2016

With world class coaches Lee Povey and Kyle Knott

This two day clinic will cover specific drills for sprint race tactics on day one, with video feedback and expert analysis after each effort. Day two track will cover standing start technique in great detail, again with video analysis and feedback. This is a great opportunity to practice race tactics and start technique and your full timetrial event with expert individual video feedback from world renowned track coach Lee Povey.


  • Specific drills for improved starting technique
  • Specific drills for match sprint tactics
  • How to lead out/rush the gap/observation/when its right/wrong to have height
  • Mock races against similar ability riders to practice tactics
  • All races/start efforts videoed
  • Video feedback with expert analysis
  • Suitible for all track riders wishing to improve their sprint, 500m TT, 1000m TT and 2-4k TT, including mass start riders and pursuiters

This will be a limited size camp to ensure each rider gets a lot of individual attention, encouragement and expert feedback.

We also offer individual bike fits at $75 each. Get your bike fitted to you by an expert and maximize your potential.

Lee at performancecyclecoaching@gmail.com or
Kyle at Kyle.Knott@totalcyclist.com

or call today for a booking form
Lee Povey 408 614 8562
Kyle Knott 757 513 3587


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