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Bill Meyer

Bill Meyer

John has been a huge help to me in getting into cycling shape after a minor running injury. Since I couldn’t continue training for a marathon, I thought I’d try cycling, but after a couple of months on my own as a complete newbie, I decided I needed help.

I chose John after speaking with and/or emailing about a dozen coaches because not only did he have all the credentials and experience I was looking for, he was the most responsive to my questions. I also chose John because, although I’m finding cycling more forgiving for my 58 year old body, my bucket list goal is to run the Boston Marathon when I’m 60, and John is well qualified to help me attempt to reach that goal as well.

John continues to be super responsive, helpful, supportive and flexible as I try to maintain my workout schedule while balancing family obligations, travel, and often long work days. With his workout and nutrition advice, I’ve been able to successfully complete a couple of metric century rides, two rides around lake Tahoe, and have lost weight. Bottom line is I highly recommend John.

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