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TOUR DE FRANCE - STAGE TWENTYI started to cycle about 3 years ago at the age of 27 just riding my bike to lose weight. Then in 2008 I started to race at a low level just for fun. After finding I really enjoyed it I wanted to race at a higher level in 2009. At this time I had just become a dad and I also have a demanding job.

I had very little time to train, so I decided to find myself a coach. After a number of phone calls to different coaches, I came across Lee Povey’s number. After the initial telephone conversation with Lee talking about my goals and weaknesses I realised I was talking to the right person.

I had my first weeks training plan from Lee, it was extremely impressive and since then always arrives bang on time every week. Lee always has his phone on and has endless enthusiasm and support for me. But more importantly he listens (The only thing which worries me is Lee knows my body limits better than I do, and I am not joking!).

My First race was in March and in such a short time following Lee’s training program I was amazed to finish 3rd. As the season went on I got stronger and faster, soon achieving my first win! I was by now completing almost all my races in the top 5.

I’ve had a fantastic first full season on the road. I now race with elite riders. I believe that the reason I got to this level so quickly is down to Lee’s coaching. I am looking forward to my winters training with Lee. We have set goals for next year, and I think with Lee’s advice I will achieve them. Sorry I have not put my name down, it just takes the pressure off me when people don’t know you are being coached by someone. Thanks

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