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Origins – Team PCC

With Team Performance Cycle Coaching having our official debut in a 1 month’s time, I thought it would be good to talk about how the team came about and why I personally wanted to get involved.

When I first started racing at the age of 13 I was a member of my local Go-Ride club, VC Jubilee. This was ideal for getting me into the sport and through my first year of racing, but there came a time when I felt that I was ready to move on to something new, where I could learn from more experienced riders and be confidant that I would not be the only person going to a race.

This took me to ride for trackcycling.co.uk which quickly turned into Team Terminator. This again was the right move for the time, especially as I targeted sprinting, and it allowed me to learn from the people I was riding with, as well as making some good friends.

My final team was as it was then called, SKY+ HD. SKY was of course the highest profile team that I rode for and the first team with contracts and restrictions on how and where I could race. Although no money was involved, it was a very small insight into professional cycling and the obligations that come.

After my year with SKY, I remained clubless for 2 years and although some things showed potential, I never really felt as though a team was right for me, my racing schedule and what I wanted from a club or team, which was basically a no stress way to go to races with people I liked and have team mates.

Both myself and Lee had noticed the success of other new clubs, gaining members by creating this kind of ethos and thought why shouldn’t we do the same thing? To create a club that combined all of the benefits and values of what I had already been through in the past. The goal of Team Performance Cycle Coaching is to bring like-minded individuals together in a manner that allows them to learn from and get the best out of each other. There are no requirements to join and this means that we already have riders with huge diversity, from world and Paralympic medallists to riders who are just getting into the sport. The only condition is that you hold the same values as us of wanting to enjoy cycling.

I think that we have achieved this and I am very much looking forward to the coming years of racing for the team. Who knows how much it will grow but it is something that I am excited to be a part of.

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