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Performance Cycle Coaching 2014 season coaches report

Performance Cycle Coaching 2014 season coaches report

2014 has been a great season for our athletes and us; we had two excellent coaches join the fold and some outstanding results for our riders.

As coach John Cheetham writes,

“I was excited to help three riders upgrade a category this year achieving their main season goal, something they had been struggling to do without coaching support.

Jay Parkhill won the prestigious Cats Hill Criterium and the San Rafael Criterium, both goal races for him. Before sadly ending his season prematurely due to a crash.

Tanya Grossman won the NCNCA masters State Champions jersey in both XC mtb and Criterium in her age group, as well as placing 4th at the Xterra World Championships.

Logan Stuck won two road races and a criterium during his very short Minnesota racing season.

Really happy for my guys and looking forward to taking them to an even higher level for next season.”

From coach Helen Scott,

“This was a great 1st year for me as a coach, starting with Jaana Hyvarinen I was able to help her put in place a proper warm up protocol which she didn’t have before and she went on to place 2nd in the Finnish Elite Track Championships women’s 3km pursuit, 2nd in the team sprint and 3rd in the 500m tt. Really excellent results! She then went on to the World Masters Championships and placed 5th in the 500m TT and 8th in the 2km pursuit in her 35-39 age group, setting personal bests in all her events this season. We used gym work (something new to Jaana), improved technique in exercises like starts and teaching the importance of pacing in pursuits to help Jaana achieve these successes.

Tommi Nieminen broke 12 seconds in the flying 200m tt for the 1st time with 11.808 and learnt a lot from his 1st World Masters Championships and is hungry to make big gains for next season, watch out for him!

Virginia Gakuya also set a PB for her 200m TT and is looking forward to making real gains in the coming 2015 season.”

Coach Pete Mitchell joins in,

“I am so proud of what my riders achieved in 2014. Adey Dent finally got his 1st individual World Masters title in the 50-54 500m TT (and my 1st world title as a coach) and then backed that up by winning a second title in the 45-54 team sprint. He also PB’d in both the 500m TT and 200m TT this season.

Dan Bray won his first National title in the 30-34 sprint and PB’d in the 200m TT with 11.1, he also picked up a bronze in the kilo.

Lizzie Bennett got selection to the British Cycling’s Apprentiship.

Max Nethell got a silver medal in the National Junior Keirin Championships along with 4th in the sprint whilst also setting a new PB in the 200m TT of 11.1 .

George Sloan was the British Schools Cycling Association under 14 best all rounder, an award for the highest placed rider over a large variety of cycling events including track, grass track, rollers, time trials, hill climbs, crits, cyclo cross and mountain biking.

Special mention for Ash Ellis for dropping a second of his 200m TT with some real hard work and improving his technique after attending some of my track clinics.

Last but certainly not least was Mark Wiffen’s stellar first season back on the track at a national level after over 20 years away from it. He got 3 Silver medals at the British Masters Championships in the 50-54 age group and then went on to get a Bronze at the World Masters Championships in the 2k pursuit, his time in winning the Bronze ride off was the fastest of the day and would have won the gold ride off. I am expecting great things for Mark next year!”

Final report and summary from PCC director and head coach Lee Povey,

“I have been both impressed and delighted with what my fellow coaches have achieved for their riders so far this season. I look forward to the future with this talented group and what our coaching can bring to athletes worldwide.

On a personal note I am both really pleased and humbled by the improvements I have seen in speed, tactics and race awareness in the group of athletes I coach and by those that attend my track clinics here at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. Moving here and working with such talented and hard working athletes has been a genuinely rewarding process.

This years National Masters Championships was an amazing experience, our camp atmosphere along with coach Dan Smith’s group and others from Hellyer was the best I have ever experienced. There was a real genuine level of support and encouragement. A pleasure to be a part of.

It started off with a bang with Ethan Boyes winning his first National title in the 35-39 TT with a new PB of 1:09.6 and Ken Lo reducing his PB by a full second to finish in 8th. Then Stan Terusaki kept the streak going by winning his 1st ever national track title in the 55-59 scratch race with a faultless display of controlling the race, covering all the breaks and then when it came back together in the last couple of laps still having enough left to take the bunch sprint. As if this wasn’t already enough David Trousdale then completed the day with his 1st ever national track title by taking the 70-74 2k pursuit! Some day one!

By the end of the week the PCC athlete’s list of results comprised,

Kenneth Lo 2nd in the team sprint, 3rd in the 35-39 200m TT and sprint, 8th in the 1000m TT.

Ethan Boyes 1st in the 35-39 200m TT and sprint, 1st 1000m TT, 2nd in the team sprint.

David Trousdale 1st in the 70-74 2k TT, 5th 500m TT.

Jennifer Kalich 1st 35-44 team pursuit, 3rd in the 200m TT, 3rd points, 3rd 500m TT, 3rd 2k pursuit, and 4th team sprint, 4th in the sprint.

Bob Cronin 3rd in the 60-64 sprint, 5th in the 200m TT, 5th 55-64 team sprint.

Ray Gildea 1st 55-64 team sprint, 4th 500m TT, 7th in the 50-54 sprint.

Mark Rodamaker 1st BAR, 1st scratch, 1st 200m TT and sprint, 1st team sprint, 2nd 50m TT, 3rd in the 65-69 points.

Larry Szabo 4th in the 60-64 200m TT, 7th in the sprint, 14th 500m TT.

Stan Terusaki 1st 55-59 scratch, 2nd 2k pursuit, 4th points.

Nate Pierce 4th 35-44 team pursuit, 5th 2k pursuit, 15th 35-39 scratch race.

Daryl Hemenway 3rd 3k pursuit, 4th 35-44 team pursuit, 4th madison, 13th 40-44 points, 14th scratch.

I was also able to help coach Liz Reap Carlson’s athlete Annabell Holland with Race Day support where she retained her the team sprint title with Buffie Wuestewald and got silver in the 50 plus sprint and 500m TT.

The World Masters Championships came at the end of a long season with a few of my riders choosing to give it a miss this year. Of those that attended Mark Rodamaker added to his impressive collection of World Championship Jerseys with a win in the 65 plus team sprint with my friend, coach David Le Grys riders Stan Gregg and Reid Schwartz. Sadly he crashed in the scratch race and had to retire from the competition before his favoured event the sprint.

Jennifer Kalich jumped straight into the deep end in her 1st season of track racing picking up a well deserved 3rd in the team pursuit with Annabell Holland, plus vital bunch race experience on a 250m track. Again I was helping coach Liz’s rider Annabell and was proud of her gusty ride to get 3rd in the 50-54 sprint when she was struggling with a cold. Probably my favourite performance though was coach Dan Smith’s rider Jim Turner getting a Bronze in the 75 plus sprint, I was helping Jim with race day support and tactical advice which he put to perfect use to beat riders who had qualified faster than him.

Bob Cronin was 9th in the 60-64 sprint and 11th in the 500m TT. I was also proud to play a small part in Larry Nolan’s world record breaking 2k pursuit by calling his splits, most impressive ride I have seen in a while!

The juniors were also in the mix with 16 year old Zach Mcclendon breaking 12 seconds for the 200m TT at Heller for the 1st time this year, winning the district Omnium, finishing 8th in the nation 15-16 Omnuim including a 4th in the sprint and 5th in the 500m TT. He also got a Bronze in the Team pursuit and a 5th in the team sprint.

Tommy Perkins made some big gains this season, winning multiple local track races, 1st in the district 17-18 team sprint and finished his season on a real high at the Canadian National Junior Track Championships with a 6th place in the points race, to quote dad Barry “Lee you would have been so proud, Tommy rode the best tactical race of his life against some really fast guys and more than held his own!” Yep, very proud indeed.

On the other side of the pond I was especially proud of Ryan Owens lowering his PB for a standing 250m lap to 18.1 whilst still only 18 years old. This led to his first National Elite Championship medal with coach Pete Mitchell and team PCC rider Tom Scammell completing the team. Well done guys!

Other notable mentions include Jenni Kukkonen with 2nd in the Finnish 500m Speed skating national championships and 3rd in the 1000m the next day.

Phillip Plath breaking 3 masters 50 plus stock recumbent World Records, the 200m TT, 1000m TT and then a very impressive 50.226km hour record. It has been a pleasure and a challenge for me to learn how recumbent racing requires different training and advice.

Aidan Kesner had a very encouraging national Collegiate Track Championships in just his 1st season as a sprint with 6th in the sprint and 14th in the 1000m TT. Sean Luis made big gains this season and also competed in his 1st Collegiate Nationals. I am expecting big things from both these riders next season.

Lastly I would like to mention Peter Bennett, Paul Ladonnikov and Melissa Cafiero who all made big improvements in training before sadly injury, illness and personal situations curtailed their seasons early. Looking forward to a better 2015 for you guys.

With too many local and district race top 5’s and wins to list I can look back on the 2014 season as one happy and extremely proud coach. Roll on 2015 we are coming for you!”

From all of us at Performance Cycle Coaching we would like to thank our athletes for choosing us to support you during the 2014 season and we look forward to eclipsing this years achievements in 2015. If you would like to find out what a PCC coach can do for you please contact us today, we are here to help you Maximise Your Potential!

Best wishes Helen, John, Pete and Lee.

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