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PCC group rides

Performance Cycle Coaching

trackie/sprinters group rides starting at Lucky’s car park, 2175 Grant Ave, Los Altos, CA 94024. Leaving 9am sharp, starting this coming Saturday 2nd November.

Everyone is welcome and there is no charge, just be aware that we will be obeying the rules of the road, so stopping at lights, crossings, riding no more than 2 abreast, all wearing helmets and just generally behaving ourselves. We will be staying together as a group. Please respect the mentors and follow their instructions.

Rides will start off pretty steady and ramp up a bit as the weeks go on, if numbers get too big/there is too much spread of ability we will split off into different groups. Ideally we will get to the stage where we have 2-3 groups doing different distances and at different speeds.

If you are interested in helping out as a ride mentor please let me know, would be good to have a few of us along to help the more inexperienced riders especially as i wont be able to make every week through the winter.

There are more details on the facebook group herehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/612620698797371/

I plan on riding if its light rain but not if its really chucking it down, any questions or if you want to be a mentor just pop me a message

Cheers Lee

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