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Morning Routines

We can call it performance hacks or we can call it a routine.

I was lucky enough to take a few days off last week and go to Vegas and Death Valley with my GF . We took in some sights, shot a ton of pictures, ate some okay meals. Oh, and I ran the Death Valley Trail Marathon through Titus Canyon, climbing from 3600 ft elevation to 5300, then descending to 100 feet below sea level.

We had a great time, but I was super excited at the end of five days to get back to my daily morning routine. Maybe not the part where I wake up at 5 am, but the rest of it is an integral part of   being a successful coach, parent, and amateur athlete. Any time we can minimize and control how much energy we spend on unnecessary thoughts or actions, the more focus we can bring to what really matters. In my experience dealing with athletes with a day job, we have a small reservoir of available time to start with, and it’s very easy to waste it.

What my typical( not made up for the internet) day looks like

0500 wakeup

I usually stick with this even when I’m traveling. Maybe move it to 0600. I love the morning, it’s quiet and the light is awesome. I make my bed which is a weird little trick to feel more in control when you climb back in it at night, and read a passage out of The Daily Stoic. I DO NOT open emails etc.

Key Point- I set positive intentions for the day first thing .

img_20161029_083018 Make lunch, coffee, and green smoothie

I allot 25 minutes to getting out the door, so I put a pre made salad, a plain yogurt, a couple packs of almonds, some fruit, and a protein bar in my YOU ROCK lunchbag i stole from my GF’s 10 yr old . I make one cup of coffee with an Aeropress that cleans up in 10 seconds. I’ve gotten a Ninja Fit 24oz blender and I love it! Cut up carrots, green apple slices, big handful of kale mixed with almond milk.  Everything washes up in seconds and I’m out the door on my bike.

Key Point- I control 70 percent of my daily diet right here, from snacks to lunch.

Morning Ride and Gym

I moved close to work this year after years of riding a train for an hour then riding 50K home in the evening. This was awesome from a  training standpoint but the  car commuters on those routes were getting worse and worse and the winter sucked. Now I ride  the 25 minutes home even at 10 pm if I get stuck at work, its relatively safe and I have lots of quality lights and reflective raingear. I drive my car about once or twice a week now- blog posts like this one helped me make a few decisions about why living close to your job is a great life choice!!

I’ve got a gym across the street from my work so I get in there daily for 25 minutes of focused intervals, strength, and flexibility work. I’m already warmed up from my awesome bike ride!

With the ride home I’ve got an hour and a half of exercise a day BUILT INTO MY DAY.  

Key Point– making the time for daily exercise  and not hoping the evening goes okay and I get out, etc.

Try some these practices out and let me know what you think!


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