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Athlete Contract

Expectations & Athlete Contract

What you can expect from Performance Cycle Coaching:

    • Support – we’re here to help you achieve YOUR goals. At no time will the coach’s ego get in the way, or become the priority.
    • Guidance – this is a two-way relationship. One of the coach’s main aims will be to help you learn about your body allowing you to provide detailed feedback, influencing your own training plan.
    • Honesty and professionalism – We believe in clarity of communication. We won’t say one thing and do another. You can also trust us, so always feel reassured to share things that may impact on your training / racing.
    • Humility – We believe many coaches bathe in reflected glory: while we will share your successes, we will not make them our own. We will also be the first to tell you that we don’t know the answer but shall endeavour to find out.
    • No Judgement – We will not form opinions about decisions or life style choices and shall remain objective with advice.
    • Coaching underpinned by science, but not to the exclusion of the ‘art’ – we are all individual and so there is no set formula to success. This means training programs will be individual and will evolve with time as we learn about you as a rider, continuing your development.
    • Yearly review, where we will go through in detail your season and what worked/didn’t work, form strategies to improve your performance and our understanding of you and together set the following season’s goals and targets.

What we expect of you:

    • Honesty – keeping us updated on ‘where you REALLY are’, not where you may think we want you to be. Also be honest with your training and what you are/ are not able to do.
    • Reliability – if the coach and athlete have agreed on something, you must keep to this in all reasonable circumstances unless reasonable notice is given.
    • To communicate regularly – it is essential to complete diary comments and have them sent at the agreed time (Sunday evening unless agreed otherwise), so that we are able to give the best possible feedback. Even if everything is going well, knowing this is key.
    • Confidentiality – Training set is for your own personal use and must not be copied or shared. If people like what you are doing, then please refer them to us.
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