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What are the benefits of a sprint tactics clinic?

Why should you do a sprint tactics clinic?

While riders will spend countless hours practicing flying 100’s and 200’s, very few regularly practice their actual race tactics.

Of course it is important to be fast, but races are mainly won by tactics, especially at the masters and amateur level. At last years national masters championships nearly half the titles were won by riders who weren’t the fastest in qualifying! Clearly tactics matter.

This goes for both track and road riders, the large majority of races end in a sprint of some sort. The better your tactics, the better chance you have of winning! And who doesn’t like winning!?

It is very hard to get opportunities to practice these races tactics, which is why we developed the Performance Cycle Coaching Sprint Tactics Clinics. The aim of these clinics is to provide riders with opportunities to practice a variety of tactics in simulated race conditions and then receive expert feedback from PCC head coach Lee Povey and various guest coaches.

While the concept of sprinting is fairly simple, the tactics involved can take years to perfect. Even the very best riders in the world regularly practice their tactics and race craft in training sessions with their coaches.

  • Do you know when you should lead out or when you should be behind?
  • What’s the ideal size gap to leave when rushing the gap from behind?
  • Where should you be on the track when leading or following?
  • How do you stall the rider behind?
  • How do you make the rider in front speed up? And why might you want to do this?
  • How do you ride at the front while looking at your opponent?
  • Do you know to how to react to various strategies from your opponents?
  • How do you make sure you’re in control of the race, not your opponent?

To find out more about all these questions, and to give yourself a real winning edge over your rivals make sure to attend our clinics! All riders welcomed, any ability, any age (14 and over), we often get riders coached by non PCC coaches attending our clinics too.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here is what riders who have attended our clinics say.

“I learnt more about race tactics in one weekend than my previous 20 years of racing” Andrew Jackson

“Lee and Performance Cycle Coaching provided a depth of analysis and developmental approach to training that was outstanding and possibly the best I had ever experienced. I wish I had more opportunities to train and be coached by Lee and PCC. Thanks Lee.” Rob Drinkwater national masters 750m TT champion

“I can’t say enough good things about Lee’s expertise in the world of track sprinting. I completed one of Lee’s sprint clinics at the Velo Sport Center in Carson, CA and walked away with critical answers to technical sprint events that plague almost every track sprinter, even those with notable coaches. His feedback and simple instructions in such a relaxed environment made it easy to learn and solidified. Track sprinting is not like any other cycling discipline and you should not rely on a general cycling coach to bring the most out of your game, you’ll need a specialist such as Lee to unlock your true potential.” Keau Wong

“I highly recommend Lee’s coaching ability and track sprinting knowledge. After one of his weekend courses, I learn and applied tactic’s that enabled me to succeed at a higher level of competition. 
I’d never beaten other riders who qualified quicker than me before Lee taught me some key elements of the black art of track craft.”
Nathan March National masters sprint champion

 “I have known Lee for a number of years and have observed with respect the improved performance of his clients. He’s a talented coach and leader whose belief in his clients inspires confidence in their own abilities. His knowledgeable, encouraging and adaptable approach ensuring that as individuals they get the best advice for success when they complete.

It was because of his accomplishments with others, that I wanted to work with him. I’ve had the benefited from Lee’s expertise on various occasions, I gained many new skills and specific tactics that were delivered in a practical, nurturing leaning environment. For me, like so many women in the sport I lacked the confidence in my own ability when racing, Lee’s empathic, professional and patient approach helped me build my self-confidence on the bike, ultimately leading to better results.

I’d highly recommend Lee as a coach. He will help you to find and assess your areas for development and work with you to ensure an impact on your performance, leading you to reach your full potential.” Cheryl Owens

“Lee is a brilliant coach, he was meticulous, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable in his approach during the coaching of my son in his chosen discipline (track cycling). Lee was definitely one of the driving forces which led my son to be a multi National, European and World Junior Champion.” John Paul Snr

Dates for our remaining Sprint Tactics Clinics in 2018 are
10th Sprint Clinic Hellyer Velodrome 1-5pm
7th Sprint Tactics Clinic San Diego Velodrome 9am-2pm
2nd Sprint clinic Hellyer Velodrome 1-5pm
16th Video feedback sprint clinic VSC 4-8pm
18th Video feedback sprint clinic VSC 4-8pm
25th Sprint clinic Hellyer Velodrome 1-5pm
8th Video feedback sprint clinic VSC 4-8pm

Please contact coach Lee Povey to book your place
408 614 8562

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