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US National Masters make up event 2016

US Masters Nationals make up event USA Cycling put on a makeup event in November to replace the last two days of the original National Masters track champs that were rained out earlier in the Season. This was held at the Colorado Springs track under the new winter dome. This is one fast track!Day one was record attempts, both Brian Moore and MaryBeth Pierantoni were within a 10th of a …Read More

Interview with USA Head Endurance Coach John Cheetham

What has been your proudest coaching moment so far? That can be difficult as the easy answer would be seeing an athlete win a national title or make a national team selection, but very recently I ran a trail race with a couple athletes, one of which knocked 20 minutes off her best half marathon time. Sometimes when you know the whole back story and the specific challenges a racer …Read More

Why we work on racing skills all year round, by Coach John Cheetham

It’s early March in Northern California and after a exceptionally dry February El Nino is roaring back for a two week stretch of downpours. I’m standing in a school parking lot pushing my bike sideways at a forty degree angle to test the adhesion limits of both my tires and the oily/ wet playground before I ask fifteen new bike racers to start working on counter steering drills. I make …Read More

PCC Sprint clinics Hellyer Velodrome

When: 12:00p – 5:00PM at Hellyer County Velodrome San Jose, California. Dates: 12th March, 9th April, 7th May, 4th June, 2nd July 2016 Who: Open to all riders, 14 and over who have raced before or been to at least 2 Thursday Intermediate sessions or 4 Saturday Beginner sessions. Workout Focus: Formats will vary, details released before each event. Track opens for warm up between 12 noon and 12.55pm, 200m TT …Read More

Rock Hill Sprint Clinic 23-24th April 2016

Performance Cycle Coaching and TotalCyclist sprint tactics and start technique-time trial clinic Giordana Velodrome 23-24 April 2016 With world class coaches Lee Povey and Kyle Knott This two day clinic will cover specific drills for sprint race tactics on day one, with video feedback and expert analysis after each effort. Day two track will cover standing start technique in great detail, again with video analysis and feedback. This is a great …Read More

2015 season review by Coach John Cheetham

2015 was a great year for the very varied range of PCC endurance riders, EVERYONE reached and surpassed their process goals and most riders barring injury placed very high and above expectations in their performance goals. There was a TON of hard work shown in the power files and nutrition, combined we averaged 19,944 kjs a WEEK for 10 athletes for a total year of 1,037,088 kilojoules! Great job! Beverly …Read More

2015 season review by Coach Helen Scott

Coach Helen Scott writes about her riders Cam Thomson: As a last year youth we stepped up his training and included strength and conditioning into his program. I believe that this has been a major factor towards his personal best times in every event this season. His technique and form in the gym is excellent, and his sensible approach to his progression has meant we’ve got the best out of …Read More

2015 Season review by Coach Lee Povey

    It has been another stellar year for our PCC athletes, I feel so lucky to work with such a talented and committed bunch! Everyone supports their teammates and training partners and shares in the groups highs and lows. It really is like one big family. With so many great results it wouldn’t be fair to single any one rider out, so please find their roll call of top …Read More

Ryan Owens testimonial

When I first approached Lee in late 2012 I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t in the best way. 11 months with barely any training due to a painful tendonitis injury is not the best starting point for training to become a world class track sprinter but that’s the situation I found myself in. After a couple of phone calls with Lee I was sold that he was the …Read More

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