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PCC structured training Thursday’s at Hellyer

PCC structured quality work out Hellyer Thursday nights

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, I enjoyed coaching you all.

For those that didnt make it here is a break down of what we did.
30 Lap progressive warm up with the last 10 laps very hard
Taking laps from the blue line in groups of 3 evenly matched riders as fast as they could 3 reps
Russian steps intervals
15s on 45 rest
30 on 30 rest
45 on 15 rest
30 on 30 rest
15 on 45 rest
45 on 15 rest
30 on 30 rest
15 on and finish
20 lap progressive paceline from 20mph to 30mph, half lap changes
Russian steps repeat but less efforts
laps to destruction, black line working group when rider hits the front go as hard as they can then swing off, rest above the blue line and join back of group when recovered.
warm down
We had a group of quite varied ability and I worked it out so everyone could fit in well and enjoy a great work out. Session took approx 2hrs 15 and everyone looked pretty worn out at the finish!
Be great to see more of you next week, any questions pop me a message lee@cyclecoaching.net


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