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Track Cycling

Head Coach Lee Povey has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading track coaches, having coached and discovered countless leading track riders, regional, national and world champions. The riders we have coached have even gone on to represent their countries at Olympic games.

Lee has raced at a variety of levels including becoming a British, American and European masters Champion. This gives us extensive first hand knowledge of just what you as an athlete are going through. We have truly been there and done it, Lee has also worked at the 2012 London Olympic games and coached at countless World and National championships.

We can offer world leading tactical coaching and have been used as guest expert tactical and technical coaches by both the Great British and Irish coaching systems. We are famed for our cutting edge video feedback, one of the 1st coaches to offer this service. We also run tactical and technical group clinics covering a wide range of track events including beginners, track sprint and keirin tactics, flying 200m technique, gate and standing start technique, pursuit and sprint time trial clinics and bunch race clinics working on tactics for endurance events.

We offer 1 to 1 track coaching sessions so you can work on a particular aspect of your riding in real detail and monthly programs as listed below.

Standard monthly program

  • Personalised and highly individual daily training program designed around your specific goals as agreed with coach. We don’t do “off the shelf programs”
  • Weekly written feedback by coach.
  • Training set 3-4 weeks in advance to fit around your availability, work-college schedule and race commitments.
  • Unlimited email and text athlete contact, one athlete led phone call a week.

Premier monthly program

  • As above but with access to two 2-3 hour coached training sessions per month, either road/gym/track.
  • Two athlete led phone calls a week.
  • Weekly power file analysis.
  • Video feedback of two races/training sessions a month (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).

Ultimate monthly program

  • As above but with access to weekly coached sessions, either road/gym/track and monthly SRM bike fitness-form assessment test.
  • Unlimited athlete led phone calls a week.
  • Daily power file analysis.
  • Unlimited video feedback of races/training sessions (to suit athletes who aren’t close enough for personal sessions with coach).

Please read our Athlete Contract page to see just what we guarantee you as a client of Performance Cycle Coaching and what we need from you in return to make the best of the athlete-coach relationship between us.

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