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Rex Ainslie: USAC Certified Coach

Rex is the newest member of the PCC coaching team. As soon as he started racing on the velodrome, Rex quickly rose through the elite ranks as a track sprinter. Achieving a podium at the Elite National Championships after just a year and a half of training. Although he is relatively new to track cycling he has been around racing of different sorts for many years.

Growing up he learned about the sport of cycling through his father, a talented triathlete and cyclist in his own right. Learning about training and race strategies from a young age.

Rex recently retired from road racing motorcycles after many successful seasons to race his bicycle on the track full time. After taking to the velodrome, he started to learn about all aspects of sprinting. He quickly absorbed the tactics and training needed to race at an elite level. He is always pursuing the next possible way of going faster, be it training, new riding styles or tactics, and passes this information on to his athletes.

His passion for the sport led him to work with the San Diego Velodrome to revive track sprinting in the area, starting classes and advocating for more sprints to be included in the regular track programs.

A USAC certified coach, Rex constantly tries to find new ways of going to the next level. From learning to work and fabricate with carbon fiber, to designing and building his own custom cycling shoes, you will find it hard to see something on his bike that he hasn’t worked on to be better. Rex takes this mindset to each of the athletes he coaches. Working to find every way to maximize their potential.

Rex brings a unique perspective to cycling and coaching. He is determined to make sure his athletes get the best possible advice, while also listening to what his riders have to say and to point them in the correct direction to achieve their goals.

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  • Lee is a people centred professional. He has developled cycling talent from grass roots level to World Champion level. He provides a wealth of knowledge in a unique way that inspires and athletes as well as helping them to develop personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Lee to any person or organisation.

    Dave Readle

  • Lee provides a unique insight into improving cycling performance, combining a deep theoretical understanding of sports science with his own experience as a successful track cyclist at national and continental level. His approach is always tailored to individual needs, and is a holistic mix of physical and psychological conditioning that will bring out the best in any cyclist without compromising their sport / life balance. Equally comfortable in a one-to-one or group setting, he has a track record that demonstrates his effectiveness, and an ever-growing list of satisfied clients that's testament to his professionalism. If your aim is to be a stronger cyclist, I thoroughly recommend his services.

    Scarlett Parker, UCL

  • Lee and Performance Cycle Coaching provided a depth of analysis and developmental approach to training that was outstanding and possibly the best I had ever experienced. I wish I had more opportunities to train and be coached by Lee and PCC. Thanks Lee.

    Rob Drinkwater, Australian Rugby Union

  • I’ve had the benefited from Lee’s expertise on various occasions, I gained many new skills and specific tactics that were delivered in a practical, nurturing leaning environment. For me, like so many women in the sport I lacked the confidence in my own ability when racing, Lee’s empathic, professional and patient approach helped me build my self-confidence on the bike, ultimately leading to better results.

    Cheryl Owens, Sales and Marketing Professional

  • I highly recommend Lee's coaching ability and track sprinting knowledge. After one of his weekend courses, I learn and applied tactic's that enabled me to succeed at a higher level of competition. I'd never beaten other riders who qualified quicker than me before Lee taught me some key elements of the black art of track craft.

    Nathan March

  • Can’t say enough good things about Lee's expertise in the world of track sprinting. I completed one of Lee's sprint clinics at the Velo Sport Center in Carson, CA and walked away with critical answers to technical sprint events that plague almost every track sprinter, even those with notable coaches. His video feedback and simple instructions in such a relaxed environment made it easy to learn and solidified. Track sprinting is not like any other cycling discipline and you should not rely on a general cycling coach to bring the most out of your game, you'll need a specialists such as Lee to unlock your true potential

    Keau Wong, Research Associate

  • Lee is a brilliant coach, he was meticulous, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable in his approach during the coaching of my son in his chosen discipline (track cycling). Lee was definitely one of the driving forces which led my son to be a multi National, European and World Junior Champion.

    John Paul, Research Sites Restoration Limited

  • Lee is a great coach. Both as a personal trainer and a track session leader. He has a habit of getting to know his students well very quickly and can tailor advise based not just on their physical talents and ability but their mental states too. He is very good at what he does, informative and also fun, if you want it to be but also very serious at other times. I highly recommend him.

    Michael Cooper, SPIKA

  • Lee is not just a top class performance coach. He imparts his knowledge with good humor and his ability to motivate is second to none. He is an ideal choice for riders who wish to stretch their boundaries beyond where they previously thought possible!

    Hugh Byrne

  • Under Lee's guidance / coaching I achieved a number of World level medals during 2012. Not only is he knowledgable in his field, but his personality and easy-going nature makes him a natural coach. I would strongly recommend him as a Track Cycling Coach

    Annerine Wenhold, CE Governance Group

  • Lee is a great coach, his knowledge on Sprint training is extensive. Lee is very approachable and always willing to help others improve. I would highly recommend Lee as a coach.

    Miles Joule Stovold, Alpiq Trading

  • I hired Lee to coach me coming back into track cycling after a serious back injury during the war and needed personal attention and specialized attention to my training schedule. Lee listened to my needs on the bike and in the gym, tailored my training schedule and really listened not only to what I was saying but to what I wasn't saying. He didn't let me get away with excuses and helped me come back strong to race and succeed as an athlete! Lee is a great coach and good friend and mentor.

    William S. Whitman, USAF Electronic Systems

  • I went to Lee to help my 15 year old daughter who is a budding track sprinter. His sessions and coaching were excellent and gave her much confidence for the future. The coaching clinics were well organised and prepared and gave a good balance of theory and practical, track time. Everything was recorded on video for immediate de-brief. Lee is a premium quality coach, personable and who clearly gets results. I would recommend him without hesitation.

    Rob Kinrade, Expol Ltd

  • Lee is an amazing teacher and cyclist. If you want to get FAST he is your man!

    Joel Bertet

  • I hired Lee as cycling coach and have two State Championships to show for it. He provided me with a structured training plan for on and off the bike (in the gym).

    Andreas Vogel, SAP

  • Lee is a great coach and has run very informative and professional track training clinics for our club - highly recommended.

    Ralph Carter, PharmaReview Ltd

  • I engaged Lee for pursuit and standing start clinics at Velo Sports Center in LA and achieved excellent results - I look forward to working with him to hone my skills - personable, positive and results-oriented.

    Mary Ellen Allen, Genentech, Inc

  • Lee has been a great help to me. Not only has he helped and advised me in training techniques in preparation for National and World Championships. But also he was there for me after I had a crash and broke several bones. Lee got me through this and back up to fitness when I was ready to abort my racing season.

    Glenn O'Brien, Bandon Cleaning Company Limited

  • Lee is a highly qualified bicycle racing coach. At this time, Great Britain has the best track program in the world. The USA is not close. Lee has personal knowledge of how they train. His training knowledge is on par with coaching only available to our National team. If you want to be as good as you can be, hiring Lee is a great first step

    Mark Rodamaker, MCR Associates

  • I met Lee when stepping foot on to the Velodrome for the very first time at one of his Track Cycling Introduction courses. Since then I have also successfully completed several other Track Cycling Training days run by Lee and am well and truly "hooked". Lee is a professional coach - patient, direct, assertive, with a deep understanding of people & the sport together with loads of energy/enthusiasm that one cannot help but aspire to. I have learnt so much from him and will continue to follow his guidance and advice throughout the course of my development as a Track Cyclist - looking forward to seeing you again soon Lee!

    Khush Jabble, 5DM

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