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Bryan is newest member of the the PCC team, expanding on his already existing coaching business. Bryan began cycling seven years ago just to lose some weight, weighing in at 17 stone after 4 years of university. Once on the bike he quickly progressed within two years to become a category 1 cyclist in Ireland.

A relative newcomer, Bryan started coaching just three years ago. But don’t be fooled. His his passion, expertise, attention to detail, and proactive nature all add up to impeccable service for his clients. He currently coaches Ireland’s No.1 road cyclist, Christopher McGlinchey, having moved him from Cat 4 to the Irish U23 in less than six months of competitive racing.

Bryan uses a combination of update to science methodology and experience to get the most out of his athletes. “If you have the commitment and drive we will reach your goals together!”

Bryan’s areas of expertise are road racing, time trial and triathlon. Currently he is working with all levels of athletes from beginners to Irish internationals and is keen to expand his training philosophy and advice to a wider audience.

Contact us today to find out how Bryan and PCC can maximize your potential.


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  • Jacob Murray 16 “Bryan is extremely easy to work with and very helpful. When I began working with Bryan I didn't know anything about training and cycling in general. He spent countless hours talking with me and explaining everything I had to ask. I was able to learn more about the sport and how best to train to suit my needs. One of Bryan’s best qualities was although he had a large number of athletes he was coaching, he always made me feel like I was at the centre of his interest.”

    Jacob Murray

  • Davy McAvoy 40 “In May 2015, I set about trying to identify a suitable triathlon coach who would develop my triathlon needs. After a consultation with Bryan McKinney, I quickly realised that he was exactly what I needed. During that consultation, Bryan said something to me that has stuck ever since. After Bryan read my training log for the previous 2 years, he said "Davy, you exercise a lot but you aren't training". During the last 14 months under his guidance, I have PB'd across every distance in triathlon and tt cycling. I chose Bryan initially for his bike training achievements and ability however, his extensive knowledge, and interest in the principles of training were transferable across all 3 triathlon disciplines! His interaction with me as an athlete has been second to none. I frequently would contact Bryan to seek his advice or guidance on races or scheduled training sessions and quite often Bryan will respond straight away with excited words of encouragement. After 12 ironman finishes and now approaching 40, working with Bryan this year saw me gain a substantial PB in Ironman Frankfurt!”

    Davy Mcavoy

  • Claire McAvoy 43 “I competed in triathlons from the late 1990's to 2007, in between having my children. Took a break for a few years, had another couple of children( 5 in total!!) and in 2014 I completed a few triathlons. Over that winter period I felt that I wanted to improve and started enjoying the bike more, but due to a busy life I needed to be accountable to someone. In May 2015, after my first in depth meeting with Bryan, I knew he understood what I wanted and I had every confidence that he would get the best out of me! He quickly learnt what motivated and encouraged me and within the first few weeks of his training, specific to me, I was getting on the podium, both in triathlons and TT's. He has extensive knowledge and loves to keep me up to date with new developments in training. Given that I have several other commitments, Bryan has adapted my training to fit with my lifestyle and is always at the end of a text for encouragement, praise and 'constructive' criticism. In July 2016, I completed Ironman Frankfurt, trusting Bryan's training completely and I took 3 hours of my previous Ironman finish in 2007! I can't wait to see what we work towards for next season!”

    Claire Mcavoy

  • Julie Sittlington 36 “By Bryan designing a training plan that suited my lifestyle, and by providing ongoing support and having an uncanny ability to know when I needed a rest or a change, I was able to dedicate time to constructive training in a way I never have before. From the start Bryan made clear that I would have to put in the effort but if I followed his plan I would see big improvements! He wasn't wrong! Thus far, I have excelled my own expectations this year.”

    Julie Sittlington

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