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Precision Nutrition Certified For The 4th Year In A Row!

We believe in the most effective nutritional coaching programs available. John started the PN program as a client after 15 years of  attempts to manage body weight  as an endurance athlete  with endless  exercise, attempts at quick fixes, and various programs selling lots of  proprietary products. Following his own success he was one of the first certified coaches when PN opened up their program, and uses both the nutritional and …Read More

Interview with USA Head Endurance Coach John Cheetham

What has been your proudest coaching moment so far? That can be difficult as the easy answer would be seeing an athlete win a national title or make a national team selection, but very recently I ran a trail race with a couple athletes, one of which knocked 20 minutes off her best half marathon time. Sometimes when you know the whole back story and the specific challenges a racer …Read More

2015 season review by Coach Helen Scott

Coach Helen Scott writes about her riders Cam Thomson: As a last year youth we stepped up his training and included strength and conditioning into his program. I believe that this has been a major factor towards his personal best times in every event this season. His technique and form in the gym is excellent, and his sensible approach to his progression has meant we’ve got the best out of …Read More