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USA National Masters Track Championships, Rock Hill, SC 2017

USA National Masters Track Championships 2017   Wow what a week! Delighted for my athletes and teammates to defend their “Best All-around Team” award, well done to the Hammer Racing Team and East Point Track Club for pushing us so close. A well-deserved result after the hard work they have all put in to get here in the best shape possible. Coach John Cheetham and I are very proud of …Read More

Why do a sprint cycling tactics clinic?

Why should you do a sprint tactics clinic? While riders will spend countless hours practicing flying 100’s and 200’s, very few regularly practice the actual race tactics. Of course it is important to be fast, but races are mainly won by tactics, especially at the masters and amateur level. At last year’s national masters championships nearly half the titles were won by riders who weren’t the fastest in qualifying! Clearly …Read More

Training program guidelines for junior and developing track cycling sprinters

Training program guidelines for junior and developing track cycling sprinters BY PCC Head Coach Lee Povey Racing age 12 and under Fun only, one or two sessions a week with no physical training emphasis, only skills work. These sessions should be seen as play. Examples such as Slow riding skills, add obstacles like cones to ride around, add skills such as a bottle to pick up and move Pace-line warm …Read More

Performance Cycle Coaching Velo Sports Center Clinics

Performance Cycle Coaching Velo Sports Center Clinics We are excited to announce the dates of our Sprint and Gate Start clinics this season at the Velo Sports Center in Carson, LA, California. These Clinics are a great opportunity for those who want to improve their technical and tactical skills in a fun and encouraging environment. We are here to help you be the best you can be! PCC head coach …Read More

Talking Power Meters With Josh Matthew And a Few Coaches Thoughts

  Hello Team, As we roll into the second quarter of 2017 I thought it might be fun to make a few observations about training with power in 2017 and how far we have come in the last few years. Power Meter technology has been caught in the same rapid acceleration  as every other tech device  out there and has really become a mainstream device, not only reserved for professional …Read More

Morning Routines

We can call it performance hacks or we can call it a routine. I was lucky enough to take a few days off last week and go to Vegas and Death Valley with my GF . We took in some sights, shot a ton of pictures, ate some okay meals. Oh, and I ran the Death Valley Trail Marathon through Titus Canyon, climbing from 3600 ft elevation to 5300, then …Read More

Endurance nutrition N + 1

In 2001, I finished my first Ironman at Camp Pendleton, CA A decent mid pack time of just under 12 hours, not bad for a guy that physiologically is the definition of mid pack. I’ve been thinking  I’d like to give it a go again in 2020, racing the 55 AG and get a 20 year comparison. The reason  for bringing up the IM is I’ve been thinking a lot …Read More

A few thoughts and pictures from the USA Cycling Coaching Summit

Hi All, back  for a week from Colorado Springs where Coach Lee Povey had   USAC Track Committee meetings for four days, then Coach John Cheetham joined him for the Juniors Summit and Coaching Summit through the next weekend. We wanted to share a few impressions we had and a couple interesting slides we saw.  We find that most of the value at these things is in the conversations and connections …Read More