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About Us


Lee Povey

Director/Head USA Coach

I continually work on my knowledge, keeping up to date of the very latest in training, nutritional, physiological and recovery advances. However I don’t just hop from trend to trend, that’s where my experience counts…read more


Rex Ainslie

USAC Coach

Rex is the newest member of the PCC coaching team. As soon as he started racing on the velodrome, Rex quickly rose through the elite ranks as a track sprinter…..read more


BJ Olsen

USAC coach

Coach BJ is a life-long athlete, and has been coaching power and endurance sports for over a decade.  As most children do, he started out doing every sport…read more



Bryan McKinney

UK / Ireland Coach

Bryan is new to the team wanting to expand his coaching business further afield. Bryan began cycling 7 years ago just to lose some weight, weighing in at 17 stone after 4 years of university. Once on the bike he progressed within two years…read more


Rajendra Kumar Sharma

India & Asia Road & Track Coach

Rajendra is a UCI level 1 road and track coach. He has been coaching and commissioning at an elite level for over 10 years now…read more

About Performance Cycle Coaching

We will provide you with the support, knowledge, training, advice and inspiration to take your fitness and racing to new heights, maximizing your potential. Our team of coaches has decades of combined coaching experience across all the cycling disciplines from recreational athletes to world champions, from teenagers to masters. Whether it is setting new personal records, winning world, national or regional titles we have the experience, science and proven coaching programs and skills to make your aims a reality. Using the aggregation of marginal gains system we will look at every detail to improve your performance, from diet, riding position, recovery, stimulating training programs, mental and physical preparation. You will be amazed at the results we deliver but don’t just take our word for it. Please visit our testimonial page and see what our past and current athletes think. Please also check out our coaching programs and our services pages which will give you lots of information about all the different ways we can help you become a better athlete and racer. We also have a handy links & tips page which you may find useful. Please read our athlete contract so you can see exactly what we guarantee you as a rider working with Performance Cycle Coaching and the standards we work too. Contact us today and let us Maximize your Potential.